Paint Parties are Always Fun!

YES! Paint Parties! Just in case you do not know it yet…


Before becoming a Chalky & Company Consultant, I had never attended ANY kind of Paint Party. Not canvas, not sidewalk painting. and definitely not a chalky paint party.  The canvas parties have been around for awhile and I always felt I wasn’t artistic enough to attend one of those. I was completely intimidated. Once I heard about Chalky & Company, I thought, “now THIS is something  can get my creativeness mojo going!”

paint parties fun - chalky and company consultant - that chalky gal - jana zuercher

There are a a few differences between us and them. I am not knocking the other companies at all, just pointing out some differences. Oh and before I get messages telling me that the canvas instructors walk you through the process and it is simple…. I know that now! And yet, I still have not gotten  over my fear. (insert shy smiley face here) There are a few things that I really like about Chalky & Company. One is that we don’t all have to complete the same project and while there may be a couple of guests who ARE chalky painting the same kit, they never look the same.  Each person chooses their own colors and how they wish it to finish. Whether rustic, grunge, primitive, classic, or retro.. Chalky Consultants walk you through the steps to achieve the look you crave.

paint party fun - chalky and company - jana zuercher - that chalky gal

Now our Paint Parties have some similarities as other companies, in that you do reserve your spot by purchasing your kit approximately two weeks in advance. Your Paint if Chalky Kit and choices will be waiting on you when you arrive at the party. Your instructor/consultant is ready to take you on a couple of hour journey down Chalky Lane. It is a time to reconnect with your friends.. laughing, sharing.. and painting. Most times, my guests are so engrossed in some “friend-time” and painting that the cell phones are often not on the table with us.

As a ‘job’, I can’t think of anything more energizing than hanging out with fun people at a painting party. If this sound like YOUR kind of GIG, whether as a guest, HOST or a Chalky Builder, please give me a shout. Take a look at the links below to get more info!

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ChalkBoard Paint Chalky and Company Style

Chalkboard Paint can change a wide variety of surfaces into a trendy memo board or scribble wall for your children. With the added benefit of chalkboard paint drying quickly with that chalk-finish paint surface,  your DIY home projects are a breeze. Smartly applied Chalky and Company Chalkyboard Paint  creates a durable, long-lasting chalkyboard finish on just about any hard indoor surface. Our Chalkyboard paint  can be used on wood, canvas, paper mache,  terra cotta pots, metal, glass  and more.

chalkboard paint chalky and company chalkyboard paint

Chalkboard Paint or Chalkyboard Paint—

Either way, it makes painting so much easier. No mixing. No worries. Just hours of fun for the kids or some trendy organization for you and the family.

Our new Chalk it Up kits include a 2oz container of Chalkyboard paint to complete the project.

chalkboard paint chalky and company chalkyboard paint

chalkboard paint chalky and company chalkyboard paint

Chalk it Up Kit
First Days of School

New Crafty Direct Sales Company

Have you been searching for a NEW Crafty Direct Sales Company?  Or how about a ground floor opportunity that lets you show your crafty side? Give us a look-over. Chalky & Co is perfect for the novice, as well as professional, chalky painter.

Our Painter’s Choice No-VOC Chalky Paints truly brings out my inner  ‘Paint Geek’. Our growing line of color choices, coupled with the creamy flow of our boutique quality chalk paint makes me feel much more creative than I actually am. The fact that our chalky paint usually takes only one coat  to cover even bare wood, makes it more affordable and versatile for my projects. Our complete line of finishing products helps me create the look I want and discover my own (uknown) talents in ways I never expected.  The ease of use and economical benefits just makes my crafty life sweeter but the true cherry on top of the sundae for me is that I get to share all of that with others and help them discover their inner Paint Geek-ness. 

Chalky & Company Paint A Creation

New Crafty Direct Sales Company Means Family

Joining Chalky & Co two years ago was definitely a wise decision for me. I found a new family and home with all of my Chalky Sisters. Our Chalky Family has become so very close and we all support one another across the company. It doesn’t matter whose TEAM or who your sponsor is.. we all mentor one another on a daily basis. Our CEO connects with us regularly and our current weekly meetings are as if family is sitting around the dining table. Maybe it is because we are a new crafty direct sales company, maybe it is because all of the ladies who have joined this journey have bonded over the artsy-fartsy-creative nature of the business. I don’t really know the reason, but one thing I do know is that I have never experienced Direct Selling the way I have with Chalky & Co.

Women all over the country are connecting at the kitchen table while exploring their creative side. Some are finding Chalky & Co as the perfect  opportunity to grow their own business in the social painting explosion happening in the U.S. right now! If you would like more information, I encourage you to reach out to me for more information. We are looking for motivated builders of our ground floor opportunity.

I host a TEAM (together. everyone. achieves. more.) Chalky Opportunity Group on Facebook. It has  a quiet and you are able to remove yourself at any time. Check us out at If you would like to interact with us on a Zoom-cast… join us tonight by attending this event….

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April Kit of the Month Chalky and Company

Kit of the Month

“Good Friends”
Chalky and Company
Paint it Chalky Kit of the Month

Our newest Kit of the Month for April has been released. Chalky and Company introduces the Good Friends Wine Caddy as our newest Paint it Chalky Kit. Beginning April 1st, guests will be able to chalky paint this newest Kit of the Month just in time for picnic season. Imagine an evening sitting by the campfire enjoying good friends and good wine in this darling little project that you completed yourself.

If you would like to be one of the first in your group to host a Chalky and Company Workshop with this awesome Kit of the Month, I would love to make it happen for you. Send me a message through the CONTACT button above, find me on Facebook, or give me a call.