Paint Parties are Always Fun!

YES! Paint Parties! Just in case you do not know it yet…


Before becoming a Chalky & Company Consultant, I had never attended ANY kind of Paint Party. Not canvas, not sidewalk painting. and definitely not a chalky paint party.  The canvas parties have been around for awhile and I always felt I wasn’t artistic enough to attend one of those. I was completely intimidated. Once I heard about Chalky & Company, I thought, “now THIS is something  can get my creativeness mojo going!”

paint parties fun - chalky and company consultant - that chalky gal - jana zuercher

ChalkBoard Paint Chalky and Company Style

Chalkboard Paint can change a wide variety of surfaces into a trendy memo board or scribble wall for your children. With the added benefit of chalkboard paint drying quickly with that chalk-finish paint surface,  your DIY home projects are a breeze. Smartly applied Chalky and Company Chalkyboard Paint  creates a durable, long-lasting chalkyboard finish on just about any hard indoor surface. Our Chalkyboard paint  can be used on wood, canvas, paper mache,  terra cotta pots, metal, glass  and more.

chalkboard paint chalky and company chalkyboard paint

Chalkboard Paint or Chalkyboard Paint—

Either way, it makes painting so much easier. No mixing. No worries. Just hours of fun for the kids or some trendy organization for you and the family.

April Kit of the Month Chalky and Company

Kit of the Month

“Good Friends”
Chalky and Company
Paint it Chalky Kit of the Month

Our newest Kit of the Month for April has been released. Chalky and Company introduces the Good Friends Wine Caddy as our newest Paint it Chalky Kit. Beginning April 1st, guests will be able to chalky paint this newest Kit of the Month just in time for picnic season. Imagine an evening sitting by the campfire enjoying good friends and good wine in this darling little project that you completed yourself.