Chalky & Company New Consultant Starter Kit Discounted

This is a first in Chalky History. Extra! Extra! Read ALL about it!!! The headlines will read, “Our Chalky & Company New Starter Kit Discounted for January!” Of course, we have had bonuses added to the starter kit in the past, but this is the absolute first time in almost three years that Chalky & Company is taking a reduction in price.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to keep the cash in my pocket.
The Consultant Starter Kit is still filled with the same Chalky Goodness, but at $79, plus tax and shipping, investment versus our normal $99.

The contents of the Consultant Starter Kits include the following categories of contents, but the actual projects/kits, embellishments, paints, etc. can be different than each other.
(1) Paint It Chalky Kids Kit                   (2)2oz Painter’s Choice Glaze

           (2) Paint It Chalky Kits              (4) 2oz Painters Choice Paint

            (2)4oz Painter’s Powder         (1) 8oz Painters Choice Paint

             (3)2oz Painter’s Powder                  (1)Paint It Chalky Woodshop Item

(2) Kit Foam Brush Sets       (15) C&C Order Forms

(1) Sanding Bar                (15)C&C Catalogs

(1) Embellishment Pack                  C&C Starter guide + Apron

Bonus* Chalky & Company Independent Kit with Stencil

Take a look at one of our most recent New Starter Kits sent to a brand new TEAM Chalky Boss Consultant.

In this particular new consultant starter kit,  you will see one of our Holiday Paint it Chalky Kits. I love that Chalky Corporate will sometimes include the newest Paint it Chalky projects in our consultant starter kits. I always try to engage our new consultants in business building activities prior to the arrival of the business in a box and remind them to take a photo or video the unveiling of their new business. It is an exciting time!

As we all know, great opportunities don’t last forever, so don’t let this one get by you without at least investigating to determine  if Chalky & Company and our Chalky Boss Tribe are the right fit for you.  Contact me through the button above,  find me on Facebook, or join our (very quiet) Chalky & Company TEAM Chalky Boss Opportunity Group to get more more info about this company that I love!  You can also find more info right here and learn more about the Chalky and Company Difference.

Chalky and Company VIP Facebook Group – Chalky Gals

This is your invitation to join our (fairly) new Chalky and Company VIP Facebook Group. Our chalky and company vip group - chalky gals - Chalky Gals, VIPs, are just getting started. Right now it is fairly quiet, but rest assured that we will be starting up a ruckus before you know it. Great painting tips, games, good laughs and of course, PRIZES, SPECIALS, and GIFTS, oh MY!  This is an absolute NO OBLIGATION group. Join and if it is not your thang, we understand if you step out.

Hosting this kind of VIP Facebook Group is something very new to me, so I am trying to get the hang of it and post often, but I believe there is a really fine line between sharing info and sharing so much that it becomes “spammy”. Anyhow, I hope you come and hang out with us and help to build our circle of Chalky Friends at our Chalky and Company VIP Facebook Group , called Chalky Gals.

Chalky Paint Colors are Endless – Chalky & Company

How in the world do we choose just ONE, single Chalky Paint Color? The answer: YOU DON’T! With all the beautiful chalky colors, how can you? Chalky and Company Painter’s Choice NO-VOC paints are so reasonably priced, it makes it easier to just buy ALL of your FAVS! At $5 each of 3 for $14 … it becomes obvious that you don’t have to struggle.

Another option that I love is the opportunity to create your own shades of each color. Add a drop of this to a couple of drops of that and viola…. you have discovered YOUR new FAB FAV!

With our Painter’s Powder additive you can turn each one of these latex paints into a creamy chalky paint. Want to match a color that we do not have? That’s okay, just take a swatch of the color you need to your local hardware store to be matched and buy any latex/acrylic paint to add our Painter’s Powder. Instant Chalky Paint!  Keep this handy – dandy Chalky and Company color chart handy for reference for your next chalky paint project. Join one of our paint nites or workshops to try out your made chalky painting skills.

Virtual Paint Parties

virtual paint parties - chalky and company - jana zuercher

Virtual Paint Parties and Workshops are becoming  very popular.  We lead such busy lives that the last thing we want to do once we get home from a long, exhausting day of work life is to get all gussied up and head back out. I don’t know about you, but there are many times that my heart wants to get together with friends, but my body is saying.. put on your sweats, grab a glass of wine and do something to relax. But what? What is there to do when you get home, besides cooking dinner, cleaning house, doing laundry or watching reruns of prime time tv?

The Answer is Virtual Paint Parties!

With today’s technology, we can gather with friends without leaving the house. That Chalky Gal (me) is now offering true Virtual Paint Parties that you attend from the comfort of your own home and in your sweats and fluffy slippers. With a couple of different tech-y tools, we can choose to be seen and heard or not be seen or heard during the virtual paint party.

Facebook Live is great for a quicker gathering because there is less bantering back and forth because your hands are pretty busy painting your favorite Chalky and Company kit. Most of us have experienced LIVE and know how it works. As your instructor, I take you step by step through the process of  your virtual paint party. Another exciting platform is Zoom. Just as with Facebook LIVE, Zoom is free (for you) and we are truly situated in a virtual scenario. We can see each other (unless you are bashful) and talk to each other in real time. It is much easier to ask questions along the way, and our laughter feeds our souls.

In addition to offering  different platforms, I also offer  different styles of virtual paint parties. Just as an in home paint party, you may choose to be a hostess to earn your kit free or half off. You can host with friends from across the country, local friends  gathered where you are located and I am here, OR choose the best of two worlds and encourage your friends from across the country to partake in your in home virtual paint party. Don’t want to host? That’s fine, you can choose to attend a planned event that is open to the public. You can still invite your friends that may want to attend from their own dining room table or craft room. Find more information about the Public Virtual Paint Parties look under the EVENTS tab on the Talk Chalky to Me  home page.

chalky and company virtual paint party

You choose your own colors for your Country Pumpkin.

There will be several virtual paint party dates set, each with a different kit to be painted. Approximately two weeks prior to the event date, you order your kit, embellishments, and anything else you would like to add to your experience. Our kits are made in Maine, with Maine Pine by loving Mainer Hands. Yes! These kits are handmade with attention to detail. The quality is far beyond what you will find in your local craft stores. You choose your paint colors and then it is ‘happy time” while we wait. Once your kit is reserved, you will be added to a private Facebook Group, where this party is going to ROCK!  We will hang out and probably play some games and most likely have giveaways while we wait for THE NIGHT ((or afternoon)!

Hope Virtual Paint Party - cancer ribbon - jana zuercher - that chalky gal

Check out our Chalky & Company Kit of the Month – Hope. You may paint Hope in any color that is meaningful to you. It can also be personalized. These make an awesome Fundraiser , which can be held Virtually as well. Let me help you with your needs.

Special Hostess Incentives Offered for MY Hostesses of Virtual Paint Parties

I am currently offering special incentives for Hostesses til the end of this year, so if you are interested in gettin’ your stuff FREE…. shoot me a message. You will find my phone number on my Facebook page at That Chalky Gal and this is also where you will find scheduled public paint parties along with the kits that are chosen for each. My Chalky & Company Website is where you end up purchasing your kit from a link that I provide in the Facebook Event. See you soon!