Corporate TEAM Building Events with Chalky & Co

Chalky & Co. Paint it Chalky Workshops &  Parties can provide an enjoyable, interactive event for your next corporate function or team building events.   Artistic creativity is known for reducing stress while  providing a distraction to give the brain a break from our usual thoughts.  Creative “breaks” open the mind to clearer thinking and often enhance problem-solving skills. Chalky painting & creating can be the perfect catalyst for your next successful team bonding experience.

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All set up for a Paint it Chalky Workshop. Preserve Love kits.

As a Chalky & Co.  Consultant, I will bring your team building event to your offices or public venue. Participants will receive everything needed to complete their projects and I provide instruction through the entire process. As with our home workshops, there is usually plenty of laughter, sharing of stories, and interaction between guests.  Our workshops offer a relaxing, social activity that is known to strengthen relationships, create bonds, as well as a sense of creative accomplishment when finished.


Whether you are looking for a innovative ice-breaking activity for all-day team building events or  just a few hours of interacting among employees, our Paint it Chalky Workshops provide a genuine opportunity for co-workers to relax and unwind and for teams from different departments, to get to know each other. Team bonding over creative endeavors builds relationships that get carried back to the workplace.

team building events - team building ideas - chalky & co - jana zuercher

Guests are able to choose the Paint it Chalky Kit they wish to complete.

team building events - team building ideas - jana zuercher - that chalky gal - chalky and co

Whether at the office or at a local restaurant, chalky painting team building events are a blast!









Are you ready to start planning? Allow me, That Chalky Gal, to guide your employees through a creative, interactive team building event that will foster bonds between people who work together everyday. With our selection of various paint it chalky kits, every participant is sure to find their perfect project to complete. I look forward to working with you and helping to develop your team building ideas into a wildly successful team bonding experience that is sure to be a huge hit.

~ jana ~ that chalky gal