Chalky and Company Painter’s Powder

The Chalky and Company signature product is called Painters Powder. Chalk finish has been popular style of painting for decades, however once the Chalky and Company Founders decided that interactive chalky painting classes would be a good way to help people slow down and connect, as well as provide  a better understanding of how to use Painters Powder, the direct sales industry was introduced to our Chalky Painting Home Parties  and Workshops. Paint it Chalky Workshops are such a great reason to put away our electronics, to spend time around the kitchen table interacting, sharing, laughing and creating.

What is Chalky and Company Painters Powder?

Chalky and Company Painters Powder is an all natural chalk-like powder designed to change the look of any latex or acrylic paint from the typical paint look we are used to, into a smooth, creamy, chalky-style finish. All at an affordable price!

painters powder from chalky and co catalog photo - jana zuercher - that chalky gal -

Our Painters Powder can be used to change the finish of most anything into a beautiful new look that matches your rustic, chic style. Anything from old furniture, to glass, brick, hardware and so much more can be finished with paint mixed with Chalky and Company Painters Powder!

The most amazing part about this chalky mix is there is no need for priming or sanding to get that beautiful finish you want. You can paint over most items just the way they are!

Currently, Chalky and Company Painters Powder comes in two easy to use, convenient sizes:

  1. A 4 oz. Petite size, and
  2. The popular  9 oz. Grand size.

Every Chalky and Company Painters Powder order comes with instructions on how to mix your Painters Powder correctly with paint so you get it right every time. There are more and more products being added weekly so watch for updates on this site and at That Chalky Gal on the company website.