Chalky And Company Difference

You might have heard about Chalky and Company. Maybe that’s why you are here. Chalky and Company is the hottest new work-from home, party-plan, direct sales opportunity and it seems like everyone is talking about the Chalky and Company difference.

What Is The Chalky and Company Difference?

Chalky and Company offers a revolutionary product.  Their flagship product, Painters Powder was created by a stay at home Mom and Dad with a passion for excellence and a long history of restoring furniture and creating amazing projects. With their large family, however, they wanted a faster, and cheaper, way of creating their Do-It-Yourself furniture restoration projects. An idea was born.

Chalky and Company Difference Jana Zuercher, Independent Consultant
The Chalky and Company Difference
Jana Zuercher, Independent Consultant

The Chalky and Company Founders began experimenting with different chalky painting recipes and the result was an economical, all natural, chalk mix recipe that changed everything. Their unique Painter’s Powder was born. It could be mixed with any paint, and it was faster, and certainly much easier, to restore any old piece of furniture, making it into something quite amazing!

With Chalky and Company Painter’s Powder there is no need for sanding or priming. The paint mixture covers so much more, using about a quarter of the paint volume you would normally to get the same coverage. Because of this, and its ease of use, those seamingly huge  furniture restorations projects are now fun to tackle and crafting is a breeze with the Chalky Paint’s quick dying time. .

Another big part of the Chalky and Company difference is YOU. It’s people just like you that make this the best opportunity available today.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about Chalky & Company and, when you are ready, please visit my replicated Chalky & Company website at THAT CHALKY GAL  to become a consultant or purchase products, including Painters Powder, ready mixed paints, and creative craft kits. See you there!