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Thank you for stopping by my Chalky & Company website and blog. I am Jana Zuercher, Independent Director and Founder’s Circle Member #22 and go by That Chalky Gal on all social media platforms.

I am so happy that you are here to learn about Chalky & Company, a new direct sales company that emphasizes  bringing out the ‘crafty’ in everyone.  Our signature product is Painters Powder, an additive for latex paint to create chalky paint.

The model of the company is to book Paint Parties where each guest will complete a Paint It Chalky Kit (PIC) from start to finish. PIC kits include a wood project, paintbrush, 4 oz. Painters Powder and our Painter’s Choice No-VOC Paint.

Embellishments are also available to purchase from your Independent Consultant. You will leave Paint Party with a completed project, the remainder of your Painters Powder and Painters Choice Paint, which can be used at home on a project of your choice. Not only do you go home with Chalky & Company products, but also  it all comes along with the inspiration and knowledge to tackle your own furnishings with a CAN-DO attitude!

In addition to our Painters Powder and no VOC aint, we also offer stains, glazes, waxes and brushes. As your Chalky and Company Independent Consultant, I can provide you with all the necessary supplies for your next do-it-yourself, furniture refurb, or craft project.

The one most important thing that I would like for you to know
about Chalky and Company is… it’s FUN!

Here are just a few Paint it Chalky Kits completed by sister Chalky and Company Independent Consultants.

Chalky & Company Tres Amies Paint it Chalky Kit ~ America Home of the Free Because of the Brave

Chalky & Company Tres Amies Paint it Chalky Kit ~ America Home of the Free Because of the Brave

Jana Zuercher, Independent Executive Consultant #22 and TEAM Leader, Chalky and Company. If you would like to learn more about Chalky and Company please contact me or following me on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, or TWITTER.

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