Chalky & Company New Consultant Starter Kit Discounted

This is a first in Chalky History. Extra! Extra! Read ALL about it!!! The headlines will read, “Our Chalky & Company New Starter Kit Discounted for January!” Of course, we have had bonuses added to the starter kit in the past, but this is the absolute first time in almost three years that Chalky & Company is taking a reduction in price.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to keep the cash in my pocket.
The Consultant Starter Kit is still filled with the same Chalky Goodness, but at $79, plus tax and shipping, investment versus our normal $99.

The contents of the Consultant Starter Kits include the following categories of contents, but the actual projects/kits, embellishments, paints, etc. can be different than each other.
(1) Paint It Chalky Kids Kit                   (2)2oz Painter’s Choice Glaze

           (2) Paint It Chalky Kits              (4) 2oz Painters Choice Paint

            (2)4oz Painter’s Powder         (1) 8oz Painters Choice Paint

             (3)2oz Painter’s Powder                  (1)Paint It Chalky Woodshop Item

(2) Kit Foam Brush Sets       (15) C&C Order Forms

(1) Sanding Bar                (15)C&C Catalogs

(1) Embellishment Pack                  C&C Starter guide + Apron

Bonus* Chalky & Company Independent Kit with Stencil

Take a look at one of our most recent New Starter Kits sent to a brand new TEAM Chalky Boss Consultant.

In this particular new consultant starter kit,  you will see one of our Holiday Paint it Chalky Kits. I love that Chalky Corporate will sometimes include the newest Paint it Chalky projects in our consultant starter kits. I always try to engage our new consultants in business building activities prior to the arrival of the business in a box and remind them to take a photo or video the unveiling of their new business. It is an exciting time!

As we all know, great opportunities don’t last forever, so don’t let this one get by you without at least investigating to determine  if Chalky & Company and our Chalky Boss Tribe are the right fit for you.  Contact me through the button above,  find me on Facebook, or join our (very quiet) Chalky & Company TEAM Chalky Boss Opportunity Group to get more more info about this company that I love!  You can also find more info right here and learn more about the Chalky and Company Difference.